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'this' confusion

Sean Allen-5

working on my first plugin. which is:

jQuery.mplp = {
     setup:function( pages )
             for( index in pages )
                 var page    = 'page_' + pages[ index ];
                 var nav     = '.nav_' + pages[ index ];
                 var hide    = index > 0 ? 1 : 0;
                 var options = 'group=pages,speed=1750,hide=' + hide;

                 animatedcollapse.addDiv( page, options );
                 jQuery.mplp.add_click_handler( nav, page );

     add_click_handler:function( nav, page )
         jQuery( nav ).click( function() {
             animatedcollapse.show( page );
             return false;

this works. however the jQuery.mplp.add_click_handler confuses me.
i thought i could do this.add_click_handler but that doesn't work.
it errors out with "this.add_click_handler is not a function"

can someone explain?

do I have to put the full namespace always?

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