problem with blockUI & IE

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problem with blockUI & IE

Hi everybody.
So, I’m currently developing a website 2.0 with xajax library.
i decide to implement jquery to use thickbox and blockUI. However block UI doesn't work with IE6 and IE7 whereas it's work with FF, opera and safari.

Normal utilization is define with

But it doesn't work with xajax so i change and I call blockUIstart myself when I call a xajax function. Like this
input type="radio" .... onchange="$.blockUI();xajax_function(...)"
And the blocker is display with no difficulty.

The problem appears when I want to stop the blockUI. At the end of my xajax function, I call the blockUI stop like this.

return $objResponse->getXML();

With FF and Opera, everything fine. But with internet explorer, it's like $.unblockUI(); call is ignored.
If somebody get an idea.