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please help me with in one day


Develop an interactive page that presents random images of books and movies on a web site. The images should be retrieved dynamically from In other words, we do not want to store the Flickr images on our servers. According to our technical architects, you can retrieve these photos by utilizing the Flickr JSON API.

We would like to present a widget section labeled “Featured Books” (for photos tagged as “book”) and a section labeled “Featured Movies” (for photos tagged as “movie”) on this page.  These images should be displayed in a nice structure with a “Web 2.0ish” User Interface treatment that is both engaging and interactive. For each image retrieved from Flickr, we would like to display the following metadata information:
- Title
- Author
- Date Published
Please provide some form of pagination or navigation within each widget section, where it makes sense

Using Visual Studio 2010, develop a solution package that utilizes Silverlight 4 or JQuery and SharePoint 2010 to address the business requirement (above) and also showcase your knowledge of design patterns and development standards as well as your CSS, (X)HTML, XML, AJAX/JSON skills