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Hello there

I'm trying to use the multiple-file-upload plugin
( and it worked
great so far, but I have a small question that I could use some help
Imagine you have a resource(thinking RESTful here), say user. An user
has many documents, so when I'm creating a user I would need a
template for this which would include the ability to upload multiple
files (here the plugin is working great).
My doubt is when I would edit this little fellow I just created.
Imagine that I already have 3 documents assigned to him, which would
be the best way to use the multiple-file-upload so it create the div
elements with the link and etc? (Another way to put this question is,
How should I add an element to the file input?)

Anyway, thanks for the attention guys,
Eduardo Bellani

"What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow men. That is the entire
Law; all the rest is commentary." The Talmud

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