jquery form plugin: multiple files upload with multiple request

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jquery form plugin: multiple files upload with multiple request

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First of all, I love this plugin. All around awesome, documentation et al.

I have a question.  I want to upload a bunch of images. I want the user to select a bunch of images from the local disc. But when I am doing the ajaxSubmit, I want to do one ajax request per image.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1) The main reason is that I would like to leave the server code the way it is.
2) The files will be processed by the server and the processing may have different results depending on the file type and other things.
3) I want to insure that the file types are valid. So I may decide to remove them from the request if they are the wrong type.
4) I want to show progress based on the file uploads being successful, like adding a thumbnail when each upload succeed.

At the same time, I want the user to have the ability to select multiple files in one go.

Can anybody tell me how I would do this with Jquery Form plugin? I was thinking of using an helper form. So in beforeSubmit I would use the helper form to do each individual request. I am not sure this is going to work every time and across all browser.

Does anybody have another suggestion?