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jQuery validation submit help!

Hi everyone!

Im making orderpage for a company and they have three products on the first page and then they get to the customerdetail page and so on..

( Button for the customer to choose all three or just one of the products. -> Choose product addons and so on -> CustomerDetails -> Confirmationpage-> Shows the order on the screen they just sent. )

The problem I got is if they choose NO on every products the still can submit the form and register as a costumer and the page will tell em that a problem occured if they go further than customerdetails and they will be sent back to the first page.

We are using Zend Framework and jQuery for this site. We are using jQuery 1.3.2. With the latest jQuery validation plugin.

Ive tried to think out a rule that makes it impossible for the customer to order if they have put everything to no.

I really have NO idea how to make this work.

Is there a way to check how many of the 3 options are available in the screen, then check if everyone available are set to value NO then disable the submit button?

Best Regards,


PS. Sorry for my badly written english.