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jQuery Cycle - scrollHorz

I am using the transition scrollHorz in the great Cycle plugin. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make scrollHorz display a preview of the incoming/next slide on the right side and then scroll with the outgoing image when it comes in. This would only be present on the right side, based off of the layout, but would work even when scrolling to the right (the incoming slide would push the outgoing slide to the right, but not out of view.

By default the upcoming slide is hidden until called...

Here is a link to an image of what I'm trying to accomplish:


Right now I just have this making the call:

$(function() {
                fx: 'scrollHorz',
                        prev:   '#prev',
                    next:   '#next',
                    timeout: 0 ,
                after:   onAfter


Any Help is much appreciated, Thanks.