form plugin and file upload problem in Internet Explorer

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form plugin and file upload problem in Internet Explorer


Hi there,
I have the following problem:
I'm creating a multi-step insertion process using jQuery. The pattern
I'm using is the following :
I have one content (main) page which holds all the jquery script
references, css styles and an accordion plugin control.There are
separate aspx pages that hold the logic for each step of the
proccess , and I load them dinamically (with ajax .get and .post
methods) into the main page as they are needed. This pattern works
fine on all pages (steps), except on one page where I have an file
upload control. Here on this page I'm using the form plugin to
simulate an update panel-like behaviour (submitting the page to the
server and reloading it again in the same placeholder). I have done
the following to work around the limitation of the form pluggin which
behaves differently when there is an file to be submited:
The file upload is on a separate aspx page with the following markup:
<head runat="server">
    <script type="text/javascript">
            var formOptions = {
                url:        'ImageUploader.aspx',
                success:    function() {
                       param: 'some parameter'

            // pass options to ajaxForm
    <form id="frmimageuploader" runat="server" >
        <asp:FileUpload ID="Attachment" runat="server" />
        <asp:Button ID="uploadButton" Text="upload" runat="server"
            onclick="uploadButton_Click" />

As you can see I'm not specifiyng a target parameter in the Options
object because I was having a problem when embeding the server
response data in the content placeholder ("#imageuploadercontent" div
element which is placed in the main page I mentioned earlier). This
problem occured only when there was a file posted to the server side.
That's why I came to the idea not to put the server response
anywhere , but instead in the "success" handler to request the same
page again and put this response in the wanted placeholder. The
problem is that this only works in firefox. In internet explorer after
the submit action an exception (something with "object expected")
occurs and the refresh of the page (ajax get request to the
ImageUploader.aspx) never happens. The wanted bahaviour which works
fine in firefox would be : The user uploads an image and after
submitting it to the server, the placeholder is refreshed and the
uploaded image is shown below the file upload control. In internet
explorer this works to the point of submitting of the image to the
server. Here after the exception it stops and the content is not
Any help  including a different approach how to solve the file upload
functionality problem when using the form pluggin would be much
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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