blocck UI message does not dissapear in IE8

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blocck UI message does not dissapear in IE8

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I am developing an application that requires to  block the UI. I have decided to use the blockUI plug in. It works great in FF, IE9+ but not in IE8.
When i make an ajax call the message blocks the UI but when the call is done the message and the overlay is still blocking the UI.
I am using the following:
-Jquery 1.10.2
- jQuery UI - v1.10.2
-jquery blockUI plug in Version 2.66.0-2013.10.09

I have been trying to find a solution for this for couple of days already but no luck. I started doing some debugging with IE debbuger and found this(image also included):

Unexpected call to method or property access: t.appendChild(e) in line xxx in Jquery1_10.js

I am totally lost on this issue.If anyone has experienced this isssue and have solved please paste the solution here.

thank you,.