Using replaceWith() and slideUp()

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Using replaceWith() and slideUp()

Hi, I'm a bit of a n00b with jQuery - I've only just started using it. I need to have it so that when I click on a menu item, it loads a new xml file and new background image into a separate content div.

I've got:
      <li class="inner one">Home</li>
      <li class="inner two">About</li>
      <li class="inner three">Contact</li>

etc. and a <div id="content"> that appears next to the menu. I can't get to grips with the syntax at the moment - can anyone help me? I'd want to load an external xml file into the content div for easier editing in the future, plus change the background image of the content div. And, if possible, get the content to slideup() into place.

Thank you!!!