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On hover indication missing?

Hi all just started to get into jQuery

Very cool and easy to implement but I am trying to get some code so that when you hover your mouse over a slide down function you know to click.

On a normal action link you get a little hand to know that something will happen and the link is active.

I got the code for the slide down from w3schools and would like to finish it with that "on hover" function.

When you hover over it the mouse's cursor doesn't change so people think it is not functional but it is it works people are so use to it changing to a little hand that they don't click.

Please see here:


it is a small detail but it would be cool if there is some simple code to resolve this. You can view source to see where it is all placed and the current code.

jQuery is cool so we would like to use it if possible.

Hopefully someone can help. I can explain more if people need it.