Noob question on a JavaScript tag rollover button.

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Noob question on a JavaScript tag rollover button.


Please forgive me guys I am a total noob to Javascript, more of a
print/motion guy dabbing my feet into the web world.  I can use jQuery
to an extent, but when it comes to articulating and modifying code I'm

I'm trying to write a rollover code into my gobal.js file.  It is a
button that activates a sliding div moving left or right.  I'd like my
audience to really notice my button if they roll over it.

I'm just trying to get this code to work.

.before('<img class="scrollButtons left" src="images/button-left.gif"
alt="left scroll arrow" onmouseover="swapImage(images/button-left-
rollover.gif)" onmouseout="swapImgRestore()" border="0"/>')

.after('<img class="scrollButtons right" src="images/button-right.gif"
alt="right scroll arrow" onmouseover="swapImage(images/button-right-
rollover.gif)" onmouseout="swapImgRestore()" border="0"/>');

This code works but the rollover images won't work. I know I am
writing the rollover code incorrectly.

I've tried to write this code with the foot mark ' before the
parentheses (   but it just breaks all my JS.



Any help is much much much appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!
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