Jquery ui slider with string values?

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Jquery ui slider with string values?

Hi , i'm working on an application
and there are 4 sliders in oe of the pages.
with these sliders, the user can express his feelings

for exaple one slider goes from sad............................happy
so in this case 1=very sad
                    3=not so sad
                    5=very happy

so what i would like is that the slider is divided into 5 pieces and each time the user has slided to a piece, there should be a string feedback (like the one's i mentioned)

here's the code i have now

<style type="text/css"> #slider { margin-left: 339px; margin-right:100px; margin-top:335px; height:180px; position:absolute;} #slider2 { margin-left: 627px; margin-right:100px; margin-top:335px; height:180px; position:absolute; } #slider3 { margin-left: 339px; margin-right:100px; margin-top:595px; height:180px; position:absolute; } #slider4 { margin-left: 627px; margin-right:100px; margin-top:595px; height:180px; position:absolute; } </style>
  <script> $(document).ready(function() { $( "#slider" ).slider({ orientation: 'vertical' }); $( "#slider3" ).slider({ orientation: 'vertical' }); $( "#slider2" ).slider({ orientation: 'vertical' }); $( "#slider4" ).slider({ orientation: 'vertical' }); }); </script>
<div id="slider"></div>
<div id="slider2"></div>
<div id="slider3"></div>
<div id="slider4"></div>