Jquery Link binding problem with Mozila.

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Jquery Link binding problem with Mozila.

Vineet Yadav
Hi All,

I am very new to Jquery.I am using Struts2.1.6,struts2-jquery-plugin-2.0.0.jar and jasper reports.I am creating dynamic links in jasper report pages and want to call struts action after clicking on that link. It's working fine in IE but its creating some problem in mozila like first time when i clicked on link nothing happened after that if i click the same link action gets called infact it called twice i  can see in firebug . I dont know why as i am new with jquery.

dynamic link is like :

<a href='#' onclick="javascript:sortinglink('/XXXXX/doSomeAction.action?toSortColumn=Id',this,'target_div')" targets='target_div' id='uniqueid'>Id

where id is not known m generating it on runtime,it could be anything thats why m passing this in javascript function.

and javascript which i am calling is

function sortinglink(url,linkElemid,targets){  
$(document).ready(function () {
         var options_idSortingLink = {};
         options_idSortingLink.jqueryaction = "anchor";
         options_idSortingLink.id = linkElemid;
         options_idSortingLink.targets = targets;
         options_idSortingLink.href = url;

Any kind of help is appreciated.