How to Submit a Plugin?

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How to Submit a Plugin?

Kevin Dalman

I have a plugin I want to list on the jQuery plugins site and cannot
find any information on the procedure. Can someone please point me in
the right direction? Thanks in advance


I'm a UI design specialist and a usability consultant, so it's
extremely rare that I cannot find what I want. Therefore it is
especially frustrating to me that I cannot find this very basic bit of
information. A link for this should be right on the plug-in homepage,
not to mention many other locations. I can find a hundred articles on
'writing' plugins, but none mention how to submit them when you are

I though the act of 'registering' would lead me to it, but the "Login/
Register" link does NOT allow one to 'register' - only to login. This
is another serious usability issue. I *am* a registered user on the
jQuery site, but this does not apply to plugins.

A page somewhere that summmarizes all the areas of the jQuery site,
their purpose and target audience, and HOW to join or participate in
each would be a very good things.

Just some feedback from someone feeling pretty stupid right now :(
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