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Hello problem Jquery

Excellent Wave Javascript.
Q? In a DIV to recover information coming from a script PHP.

Code PHP of the File Load_Serveur.php

function view_group_server($cid) {
  global $currentlang, $db, $dbi;
  $result1 = $db->sql_query("SELECT c.cid, c.imgurl, t.entete, t.word FROM "
_TAB_CONTENU." c, "._TAB_TRANSLATE_CONTENU." t WHERE c.cid='$cid' AND t.cid=
$cid' AND t.langage='$currentlang'");
  list($cat_cid, $cat_imgurl, $cat_entete, $cat_word) =
sql_fetch_array($result1, $dbi);
  echo z<br /><h2>$cat_entete&nbsp;"._HELLOVISIT."</h2>\n";
  echo reduc_image($cat_imgurl, $cat_entete, $img_float=1, $pixmaxi=200);
  echo "$cat_word\n";
  echo "<br /><hr />\n";

Code PHP of the File index.php

echo "<dt><a href=\"#\" onclick=\"AfficheFrame('Load_Serveur.php&amp
op=view_group_server&amp;cid=$menu_cid');return(false)\" title=\
$menu_entete\">$yonkszmenu $menu_entete</a></dt>\n";

Code JavaScript addition of the File JQUERY.JS

function AfficheFrame(v) {
  $.get("v", function() {

My problem and that that does not go    

Thank you for your answer.
afflict for my anglait writes you french


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