BUG in TableSorter isDigit function

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BUG in TableSorter isDigit function


This affects column type detection in the detectParserForColumn
function.  If your table has a true ZERO in the first row, the column
will always be interpreted as text no matter what.  The problem is
that the isDigit function says that 0 is not a digit.

return RegExp(exp).test($.trim("0"));
return RegExp(exp).test($.trim("1"));
return RegExp(exp).test($.trim("012"));

The idea, I believe, is to interpret values with a leading zero as
text... in this case, however, it's not a leading zero, it's an actual

The regular expression used is quite the beast... needs to be modified
to accept a single zero as a valid decimal as I'm sure this is quite
common.  The workaround, of course, is to set your parser explicitly
when you set up your sorter.

Here's the expression for reference:

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