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Autocomplete with mustmatch value

I have a form at The form should work like this ideally
1. Choose a specialty (mandatory)
2. Depending on specialty we pick up services. Choose a service (mandatory)
3. Based on the above combination we get doctors and locations lists populated. User can choose one of them or just move forward.

The issue is
1. I don't want to show select dropdowns
2. I want to use autocomplete
3. I want that only values in autocomplete should be allowed
4. Unless all values are true, I should not be able to go to the next page (which means that FIND) should not be allowed.
5. I need the blur actions on the boxes
6. I need right values to stay populated

What am I doing?
1. I am using the Onblur action on all text fields
2. I am using the must match
3. I am taking values in session
4. The false value for mustmatch is being taken as null

The issue
The wrong value for the field stays in the textfield and it does not allow me to change it.

Can someone please help?