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Ajax rewriting is feature complete...

... including xhr emulation for when people want to re-use the xhr after an ajax call.

http://github.com/jaubourg/jquery <= in sync with latest jQuery 1.4.1pre

All unit tests (that is jQuery's 1.4.1pre tests + those added for the new features) passing under IE8, FF3.5, Chrome 3.0, Safari 4.0 and Opera 9.64 on a Vista box.

Features include:
  • Late callback binding [ jQuery.ajax(...).error(functor).success(otherFunctor); ] (this feature propagates on ajax dependant methods (like getJSON, getScript, etc)
  • cross-domain requests on browsers that support it (which includes latest IE through xDomainRequest).
  • Multiple data types [ jQuery.ajax( { dataTypes: ["jsonp","xml"] } ); // Gets a json string using jsonp and have it parsed as xml automagically ]
  • New data types: image and css ( your css will be parsed and applied BEFORE the callbacks are called)
  • jsonp error handling through an optional jsonp-over-iframe transport [ jQuery.ajaxSetup( { jsonpOverIFrame: true } ); // Enabled ] (basically a much simplified ripoff of my jsonp plugin).
  • completly pluggable architecture (define you own data types and how they are handled by ajax -- will most probably require a tutorial of sort).
There may be some work to be done regarding how ajax and onreadystatechange events interact (especially the order in which they are issued), but the rewrite is feature complete as it is (and went farther than I anticipated in the process).

So have fun, look at the unit tests to see what it can do and into the transports subdirectory to see how pluggable it is.

Now to work on dominoes ;)

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